“It's not so different in this future. Is it worse? I don't know if human life is like that. I think due to global warming there will be more pandemics. We will develop smaller coverings for our nose and mouth to catch the particles. Little breathable nose plugs and a see through mouth cover. Think of it like Invisalign for your orifices.

In response to a water crisis, we wear giant funnels on our heads that catch rain water and moisture. They funnel into a camel back like contraption that is connected to an IV to keep us hydrated.

Fast fashion is a thing of the past due to the cold-war with china and therefore no more poverty wage labor. Clothing starts to look more soviet, browns, greys, muted greens in a canvas style. The clothing is very unisex like long overall dresses, or simple jumpsuits. They sometimes have those ugly zip off components like old people get from REI for short hikes.

Due to the dry land there are plenty of dust storms and so you have to wear protective eyegear, goggles mostly, the goggles are connected to a hat (for sun protection!)(To stay young!)

The good news is that due to the pandemic of anxiety most people have emotional support animals they carry in little backpacks. Dogs are allot smaller, they've evolved to be so very far from the Wolf.” - Laura Conway