“In the future, humanity will have reached a point where we realize that unlimited economic growth is impossible and nature imposes a hard limit to inputs and outputs. We will be forced to scale back industrial operations and think about the needs of humanity and the individual. Production will be limited to what is required to sustain human life. Communities will rely on one another for food security and institute a system of library socialism where objects will be lent based on need. Items in the future will be built to last and built to be repaired by individuals with basic knowledge taught at lending libraries. Community members will have more time to dedicate to item repair, education and pursuing their passions when work hours are limited to less than 20 a week and dedicated to bettering the community rather than producing value for the economic elite.Garments in this future will be rugged and built to last. They will be produced with respect for the environment by local artisans. Most clothes would be personal property, however, some special use clothing would use drawstrings, elastic or buckles to be useful to people of many sizes and more easily shared within the community. Some general use garments will be modular so as to suit any need or occasion without requiring excess fabric.” - Tyler Tamburo