“A future I have been dreaming of and working towards is a future that supports the rest of Black women, trans, gender non-conforming and queer folks, futures, lives. I want this support in rest to not only hold me, but also carry, love on, pay, provide sustained support to my beloved Black loved ones, friends, community and people I don't event know. It feels like a hearty nourishing meal, a bath with fresh rose petals, land that we weed and feed each other off of, not having to hustle, but rather moving with ease and slowness, it feels like we are on top of the world watching the sunset, like we are in a comfy bed in the forest, it feels like we are marching in the streets with our kin, wrapped in the beautiful complexities of rest. This future garment feels the opposite of this fast moving world, it reminds us to move slow, it feels good to wear because we feel fully us in it.WE FEEL RADIANT! I also expect that these garments will be made from our collected archives, our family photos and harvested indigo & sage, our home grown herbs that help us dream, woven kente cloth, prayers for the resilient act of Black rest. This garment sounds both quiet and also loud, taking up the space it needs to exist in.”