“Humans will have sanitized and destroyed so much biodiversity they will need to live as parasites surrounded by other living tissue that can absorb the pollution, radiation, toxins, extreme climate and diseases. Like gall wasps who insect their babies into plants along with a virus that creates benign tumors in the host plant to shield their young, humans have created viruses to move into gall cities and escape "the great pain of inorganic space." Some have underground domes of living fungi. Some in cities of tangled sequoias. The whalers inject blue whale calfs to grow tumors the size of small towns. They tunnel into this living flesh and create vast networks of tubes and living areas. Air is extracted through machines directly from the oxygen rich blood of the whales. Food is pulled from routes tunneled into the whale's stomach, where some plankton is siphoned off and refined for human consumption. When a whaler colony has grown too large, it's members split and take over a fresh calf and cultivate their city there. Pods of whales move together along with their human whaler community. Later generations of whalers have bred humans to have no lower body below the rib cage to save on space as they move through a network of fleshy tunnels with their arms. Mechanical lower fin prosthetics are used for swimming outside the whale.” - Andrew Quitmeyer