“In the future, we live in small, secluded communities based on landscape-beach, mountain, tundra, etc. We have abandoned the great experiment of globalism and we mostly keep to ourselves. We build our homes from things we find discarded in nature-miscellaneous tech parts, plastics, things that cannot be broken down. We live by the light of the sun and moon. We contemplate, we make. We can hear the hum of nothingness again, having given back our interstates, our skyscrapers. We turn earth into fabric, weaving texture of weeds and flowers and blades of grass into our clothes. We read and reread books until we grow tired of the same stories so we pull the pages from the books and shred them, fold them into toys and artifacts. We touch the earth with our hands more, pull things out and put them back more. In the future I envision, we can smell things growing back. We can sense them growing back inside us, inside each other.” -Eli Harvey