“In the future there is lots of fun, everyone wears fancy dress everyday and plays lots of different games throughout the day. There is loads of sharing and lots of togetherness. People share meals and clothes and homes and there are always people to talk to. We spend more time outside and you can do your work outside if you wish. Weaving and patchwork and mending are all highly regarded and if you can do this you're really cool! People get together at the pub to practise and learn mending skills. Traditional women's work is thought of as extremely highly skilled and it is a well paid profession. Everyone gets to do a job that they enjoy and it smells like freshly brewed coffee and old spice deodorant and mornings in late spring. I have a motorbike. You can teleport really quickly to visit your friends if they live in other countries. It sounds like the low hum of chatter and laughter.”- Rosa