“I think it’s hard to predict specifics about the future; there are so many factors at play-for everything!-at any given time. My future is one I’m going to try to manifest (or, more realistically, work towards). I want to live in Liguria (Genoa, Italy is the vibe) and enjoy a slower pace of life than my parents did. Italy is an old place with old people and an appreciation for “an old way of life”. I think it’s going to be interesting seeing Italy be forced to evolve. Maybe people will finally learn English or Chinese or another 2nd language. Maybe women will start to enjoy the same baseline social status that men do there. Maybe someone will start  a neofascist church of Whatsapp. I love change, and I love Italy, so I feel hopeful that I’ll be able to adapt to life there in the future. Even if bad stuff happens, surely there will be good stuff that comes of it. Is that terrible?

I hope I always appreciate life’s little pleasures, even in a cynical future.” - Elizabeth Caruso