“The future leads to extreme wind, temperatures, storms. The cold months will bring back the experience of worst winters in Iceland where people had to invent trolls, ghosts and imaginative folk sagas to face extreme moments with solitude as being so small as a human, compared to wild elements. The hot months will bring sand storms, alternating from draught and heavy rain, and we will need to bring back all folk spirits and animals like in Japan, that help human beings deal with unexpected natural catastrophes (like Tanukis in Pompoko animated film). Also, democratic regimes will tend to become more and more authoritarian and patriarchal, the more they seem powerless to communicate about these natural changes and take collective pro-active actions. Like in Georges Orwell 1984 book, the only authorised radio will communicate about great successes of a domination oriented government, talking about the greatness of a new electronic currency that no one can see or touch or count. Cameras will check what we wear. Indeed, resisting, open minded people will be wearing hand made garments, made with love, patience, hope for future, solidarity, transmitted from grand-mothers and mothers as sacred fire to protect life of people you love. Therefore, we will need invisibility cloacks like in Harry Potter, to be discret-invisible resistants, and magical cloaks like in Lord of the Rings, to prevent our bodies from repressive violence and natural desasters. These garments will look like powerful and graceful Kimonos, smell like hay of a barn, feel like a summer breeze at the sea side, be colorful like wild flowers fields in spring, be warm like icelandic (soft part of the thread) wool and sound like japanese bells in nature sanctuaries and feel comfortable like the wood cabin where Annie Dillard was writing books, near Cape Cod and will be joyful yet life-experienced-shadow based, like the book "the Art of Joy" by Goliarda Sapienza.” - Margot Malpote