“In the future I love all of my clothes. I am always comfortable and warm or cool. I feel good in my body. And when I don’t, I accept it and don’t rush. I almost never rush in the future. Unless it’s for fun. My future is well worn and loved and mended and carried for. I enjoy all the beauty and rub all the sweet leaves in my hair. Because we know it’s ending. My hair and the sweet leaves. I’ve taken good care of my garments and I never wear anything uncomfortable anymore. I smell rose and burning and lavender and plastic and urine. We do cry sometimes because we miss everything that’s lost. But it makes the beauty. Its possible to make our own wooden spoons and to become our own gynecologists. We share more. There is always more to share. And it’s hard because people need a lot. That’s why are clothes are so beautiful and comfortable.” - Emily Popp