“I think the future on Earth in the late Anthropocene will be difficult for living things. There may be nothing left but extremophiles. I'm creating a science-fiction scenario where life on Earth ceases to exist and some humans survive on Mars. I imagine them sending a ship back to Earth to see about jumpstarting the atmosphere. Terraforming Earth will be the goal. They'll land on Earth thinking there were no survivors from the Martian-Terran War, but there will be some survivors living below the Earth's surface. The Earth will be scorched. It will sound like wind over the desert, smell like desiccated flesh and dust. Garments from the future might have to be salvaged from other materials, whatever one can find. The important thing will be clothing to cover the skin from the deadly rays of the sun--the atmosphere will be much thinner in the future. Face coverings, whatever one can find will be paramount. Everything will be poison. Life expectancy will be short.
Imagine Planet of the Apes without the Apes--those desert scenes in the beginning, out near Lake Powell, Charleton Heston wandering through the desert. That's what the future Earth might look like. All the forests and cities will have long since burnt to a crisp. Only rock and ocean.”
- Georg Koszulinski