“The future I see is bad & good. For a number of reasons (failing government, cost of living was too high, war, climate change, growing inequality, the list goes on) society collapsed. The internet became utterly obsolete and everyone is, for the most part on their own. This is where the bad comes in. Weather patterns have become extreme so some people in worse areas have had to seek shelter underground. Others have managed to stay above ground in other more lush, wooded areas, some are still holed up destroyed cities. The methods of self sustenance were all but forgotten by so many, so at the beginning, it was chaos. People panicked, cities were burned down, crime continues to persist since laws no longer exist. Fortunately, if you are isolated enough and have the supplies you need, you can live safely. The people that survive and thrive are the ones that prepared for this outcome. It has become extremely hot in the spring and summer and horribly cold in the fall and winter. Nature has taken back many urban areas, which is honestly quite beautiful. The air is crisp, as if the earth, who suffered from human's actions for so long, is heaving a huge sigh of relief. As a result of the weather shift, clothing is crucial. Skin must be covered at all times and fabrics get faded from the sun very quickly. Since there are no more stores or factories running, everything must be made to last and often handmade, sturdier fitted materials are best, such as leather. Pockets for supplies and weapons are also helpful. Earth tone colors are necessary for camouflaging. Hiding in plain sight is often important as many people are now hunting to survive as well has avoiding being seen by potentially dangerous people. Since there is more time to do things, often people's clothing has drawings on them. Of plant life or animals or sometimes even symbols meant to be protective. In some urban areas, it smells like fire or melting plastic. In more rural areas, the smell is a clean and natural smell. For some people, this future is hell. For others, for me, this future is a relief that came at a high cost. We are no longer capable of destroying the planet. We are all isolated to small groups or communities with our daily goal being to survive. Time has slowed down and societal expectations have vanished. In some ways, our lives have become limited. In others, we have been set free. Pain, death, suffering, it all happened in the past too. It still happens in the future, but instead of being trapped in a capitalistic and greedy society, we have moved backwards in time. Things are much simpler. Much harsher too, harder to survive sometimes, but simpler nonetheless.”